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Founder & Creative Director

Meet Ashley, the founder of Sweetnr Agency with a Communications degree and a decade of experience in social media, PR, and marketing. Her creative process and strategic mindset make her campaigns impactful and ahead of the curve. With an innate understanding of digital trends and bringing visions to life, Ashley's passion shines through all of her projects while combining strategy and creativity.

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Senior Account Manager

Meet Christina, our Senior Account Coordinator with a fashion marketing degree and a rich background in the industry. Her adeptness at crafting compelling content and strategically managing social media accounts adds a creative edge to our team's endeavors. With Christina on board, expect a seamless fusion of trend-forward and strategic prowess, elevating your brand's presence and engagement in the digital world.

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Web + Graphic Designer

Meet Alexia, our creative powerhouse specializing in graphic and website design. With a degree in design and years of experience, her mastery of graphic design, website creation, and coding ensures visually stunning and functionally seamless outcomes. Alexia's dedication to crafting captivating visuals and user-friendly digital experiences makes her an indispensable asset to our team. Get ready to elevate your brand's aesthetic and digital presence with Alexia's expertise at the helm.

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Account Manager + Content Creator

Meet Jade, our content creator and account manager. With a solid foundation in business and an unwavering passion for fashion, Jade brings a unique blend of expertise to our team. Her ability to curate captivating content is second to none, consistently leaving a lasting impression. Jade's strategic approach to account management, combined with her innate fashion sense, ensures that every project is executed flawlessly. With Jade on board, exceptional content and top-notch account management are guaranteed.

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